1. I love coconut so much! I use raw coconut oil as a treatment for my hair and it’s been helping so much, my hair is smoother, softer, longer and healthier. Never tried using coconut on my face though! That Body Shop oil is wonderful, it feels amazing on the skin. Great post dear! 😀 xxxxx


  2. I’ve always wanted to try coconut oil on my skin and hair! It’s so expensive from where I live but I bought it anyway! It’s in liquid form though.. I might have to refrigerate it. I heard taking a teaspoon a day of coconut oil helps with our hair and skin too!


  3. I’ve only heard amazing things about coconut oil — now I just have to get around to trying it myself! The thought of using it on my face terrifies me but my skin is also at the point where I’m willing to try anything hahaha. Great post!

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